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Our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys can help you eliminate your medical debt.

How filing for bankruptcy in Washington State can wipe out all of your medical bills

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Having a huge medical debt can be stressful and seem like it may take several life times to pay off. Allow our skilled Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys to help you eliminate your medical debt. See if you qualify for a Washington State bankruptcy with a FREE consultation, and get your questions addressed. We can help!

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Eliminate medical debt in Washington State with bankruptcy.

Medical bills are always discharged in bankruptcy. They are unsecured debt like credit cards, pay day loans and signature loans. They are called “unsecured” because they are not “secured” by collateral. There is no property backing them up. General unsecured debts like medical bills are the lowest priority of debt in bankruptcy.

Eliminating medical debt – a common reason to file for bankruptcy in WA.

Medical bills are perhaps the most common reason people file for bankruptcy. Even with insurance, people who face a major health catastrophe may find that they are still responsible for an unaffordable portion of the total medical debt. That may be the reason behind the commonly held idea that there is a separate category of “medical bankruptcy”. There is no different type of bankruptcy just for medical bills. When you file bankruptcy, you have to include all your debt. You can’t just include medical bills.

If you do want to pay a certain doctor, you can do so after you get a discharge. If you pay any creditor more than $600 in the 90 days before filing, the trustee can “undo” this “preference” by taking the money back and sharing it among all your creditors. Most medical providers will continue to treat you after discharging a debt to them. You may want to ask a favorite doctor or hospital what their policy is.

Stop medical collectors immediately by filing for bankruptcy.

It does not matter whether you just received treatment, have been struggling with paying a bill down or are in the middle of a lawsuit. You can stop medical collectors immediately by filing a bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy trustees and judges are not as concerned with how you got into debt as they are your ability to pay at least something after you file your case. If you have a lot of medical debt, it can be obvious what drove you over the edge. The trustee will ask you whether you can sue someone for an injury if you have a lot of medical debt listed.

If you can, the recovery is an asset in your bankruptcy whether the lawsuit has been filed or not. You can protect much of this recovery with your bankruptcy exemptions as long as you disclose it. You can jeopardize your discharge and even be accused of a bankruptcy crime if you fail to list any asset.

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