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Eliminate credit card bills with bankruptcy in Washington State.

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Are you trapped in an never ending cycle of trying to pay off your credit card bills? With bankruptcy protection in Washington State, you can eliminate most if not all of your credit card debt! Learn how you can remove this huge burden off your shoulders by calling attorney Erin M. Lane and her legal team today for your initial FREE phone consultation.

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Eliminate credit card bills with bankruptcy in Washington State.

It’s easy to allow credit card debt to mount until you realize too late that it’s impossible to pay them back. You may max out one card and start living on another just to make minimum payments, hoping that your income will finally go up.

Credit card companies can see this situation and when you start missing payments or reach your credit limits, they can suddenly see you as a huge risk and charge you higher interest and fees. It seems unfair that creditors suddenly come down on people who are least able to pay.

It also seems irrational when they refuse to accept at least what you are able to pay. From their perspective, they want you to pay what you agreed to and they also hope to be the one creditor that gets paid if you can’t pay everyone. You can suddenly feel the heat of credit card companies coming from all sides.

Filing for bankruptcy in Washington State STOPS credit card collections.

How can you wipe out your credit card debt? Bankruptcy. It stops credit card companies from collecting as soon as you file. It doesn’t matter if you have been able to stay current, you are months behind or are in the middle of a garnishment. Bankruptcy not only provides you with relief, it is an orderly way for credit card companies to share equally in what can be paid. In most Chapter 7s, they have to accept that they are paid nothing. In a minority of Chapter 7s, they share equally in what can be raised from the sale of your un-exempt property. In a Chapter 13, they are paid anything from 0% to 100% depending on your income and expenses.

You may consider settling with your credit card companies. Some businesses offer settlement counseling and assistance but it’s difficult to know who to trust. Settling for less than what you owe often hurts your credit score as much as bankruptcy and it is notoriously unreliable.

You cannot pick and choose which credit cards to include in a bankruptcy. Even if you have a credit card with no balance, it will be cancelled. You can learn to live without credit cards after bankruptcy as you rebuild your credit. At some point you will qualify for a credit card again but for a while you may have to use a debit card for the convenience.

You may have to start out with a secured credit card. A secured credit card is guaranteed by a cash deposit that the credit card can use to pay the card in case you don’t make the payments. If you are able to use the credit card and pay it off, your credit rating will increase and you will qualify for a regular credit card.

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