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Get debt relief with the help from our experienced Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys.

When you retain our legal services, you will have an experienced lawyer on your side working with you to:

  • Get creditors off your back.
  • Stop harassing phone calls.
  • Stop collections, lawsuits, garnishments, and foreclosures.
  • Regain your financial footing.

Do you cringe every time the phone rings? Do you screen your calls to make sure the person on the other end of the line is someone you know, and not an angry creditor? Do you dread checking your mailbox for fear that you’re getting another notice from a collections agency?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are currently living in a state of fear. Fortunately, help is available. Our Tacoma bankruptcy lawyers may have the miracle you are seeking. Imagine never paying your credit cards again. If you qualify for bankruptcy, it can happen. We make it happen for hundreds of Pierce County residents in Washington State every year.

Experienced Tacoma bankruptcy lawyers in Washington State.

The weight of uncontrollable debt is a heavy load to carry, and once the cycle of debt starts it can seem like there is no way out. Living in fear of creditors will have a negative impact on every aspect of your life. The nagging reality of insurmountable debt casts a shadow over your job and your relationships with both friends and family. If you’re tired of living this way, it’s time to talk to an experienced Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer from our legal team today.

Filing for bankruptcy offers hope for you and your family by offering you a fresh financial start. You may have been thinking that if you could only get back ahead financially, even just a little bit, that everything would be all right. If you qualify for bankruptcy, you are 100 percent right. By contacting one of our qualified Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys today, you can find out how the law provides you with options for a clean financial slate.

Understanding the new laws with the help of our Tacoma bankruptcy lawyers.

Our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys are hearing from clients that the new bankruptcy laws have made filing for bankruptcy far more difficult. We’ve also heard numerous people say the new laws have drastically changed the protections that are afforded under the bankruptcy code. Both of these claims are false, and facts indicate that the exact opposite is true.

In cases handled by our Pierce County bankruptcy lawyers, we have found that 90 percent of people in Washington State who have qualified under the old laws will still qualify under the new bankruptcy laws as well. The primary protections that bankruptcy guarantees are also still strong and in full effect.

So why the confusion? Again, we need only consider the source of this kind of disinformation – creditors. Creditors want you to believe that there have been detrimental changes in federal and Washington State bankruptcy law because this suits their agenda. Fortunately, our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys can help you fight back.

Hiring our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys – the first step .

When you hire a Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer from our firm, one of the first actions taken will be to file your bankruptcy with the Washington court. The court then issues what is referred to as an “automatic stay.” The automatic stay is the life preserver you may have been hoping someone would throw. Once the automatic stay is granted, your creditor must IMMEDIATELY stop harassing you, either by phone or by mail. You will not feel your heart sink when the telephone rings, and you won’t have to dread pulling your mail out of the mailbox ever again.

It also means that the money you owe them will almost certainly be completely discharged so long as you qualify for bankruptcy, and these are unsecured debts. You will never again be under any obligation to pay them another penny. They have no recourse, and no amount of tears will make any difference – ALL of their collections must cease immediately, without exception.

This represents the foundation of bankruptcy code, and it is just one of your legal rights that our qualified Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys will secure in your case. Now is the time to fight back against the constant harassment from creditors, and talk to a knowledgeable Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer for a free case evaluation. Now is the time for YOU to take control of your life and eliminate fear.

Filing for a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy to discharge credit card debts.

Credit card debts are commonly discharged in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. There is no debt limit to discharging credit card debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. However, you should make every effort to stop making any additional credit card charges after you have retained a bankruptcy attorney.

Without proper legal advice, you may find that some credit card charges or cash advances in the months preceding filing bankruptcy may not be dischargeable. A knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy attorney will properly advise you of the proper timing to file your bankruptcy petition so that most if not all of these credit card charges and/or cash advances will be discharged in your bankruptcy. This may involve hiring a bankruptcy attorney, but waiting up to several months before filing your bankruptcy petition.

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We provide legal services in Pierce County, Washington for those wishing to file for bankruptcy protection. Call today for your FREE consultation!

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