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If you’re experiencing tough financial times and are in search of immediate debt-relief, bankruptcy could very well be the solution to your strenuous circumstances. Learn more about how filing can provide immediate protection. Call now.

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Bankruptcy lawyers in Lakewood, WA.

Don’t let bad credit ruin your life. Speak with one of our experienced Lakewood bankruptcy attorneys today! It doesn’t matter if you were going through a divorce, had medical issues, are unemployed, or were negligent with your finances. What matters is the fact that you are trying to get help to get yourself out of debt. We understand that filing for a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy can be a very emotional decision.

Bankruptcy has gotten a negative stigma because people think of it as a irresponsible means of not paying the debts they’ve accumulated. In fact, it’s the exact opposite; bankruptcy exists as a method in which you can get a fresh start in life. Unfortunately, not all who apply for bankruptcy will qualify.

Allow us to see if you qualify.

Many years ago, people racked up debt and thought they would use bankruptcy as an escape route. Since there was so much abuse, there were strict bankruptcy laws put in place to stop unnecessary spending. Now, under bankruptcy protection law, individuals have to undergo certain procedures to see if they qualify for bankruptcy. This is where our team of skilled Lakewood bankruptcy attorneys can come in to help. We have years of experience with handling bankruptcy filings in Washington State.

When you speak with one of our resourceful bankruptcy lawyers in Lakewood, WA, we can:

  • Explain what the means test is and why it’s so important.
  • Explain the differences between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Explain the credit counseling class process and help you prepare for it.
  • Explain how the bankruptcy laws in Washington State affect you.

While many people get discouraged about the bankruptcy protection laws, 90% of individuals were still able to qualify So, there is hope that bankruptcy can help you get out of debt today!

Discover how our Lakewood bankruptcy lawyers can help!

The only way we can aid you in coming up with successful solutions to your debt issues is to be able speak with you. Offering a free initial case evaluation to examine your financial situation is one of the ways in which we can help you come up with effective resolutions. When you connect with one of our knowledgeable Lakewood bankruptcy lawyers, you can be assured that we will:

  • Help you determine what assets are at risk and the actions you may take to keep them safe.
  • Help you discover how to keep all of your property after bankruptcy.
  • Help you develop an effective plan to get out of debt.

Schedule a free initial case evaluation with one of our resourceful Lakewood bankruptcy attorneys today!

We want to help you get through this trying time and aid you on your way to a more debt-free future. This is the reason why we offer a free initial case evaluation. We want to discuss your bankruptcy goals and help you achieve them. Give one of our talented Lakewood bankruptcy attorneys a call today!

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