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We want you to know that retaining experienced legal counsel to achieve a new financial beginning through bankruptcy can indeed be affordable! Inquire about the low flat fees we provide and our flexible payment options. Let us help you get started with your no-obligation case evaluation today.

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Hiring a knowledgeable, inexpensive bankruptcy lawyer in Tacoma, WA can help you get a fresh financial start.

Our fee agreements contain an easy payment plan for our affordable low flat fees. We do not charge by the hour. We offer a free consultation and during our first meeting, we determine how difficult your case will be.

If your case involves more phone calls, advocacy and advice that we estimated, we do not charge extra. Only in a few very exceptional situations do we charge for additional work and these situations are spelled out in the fee agreement. Our flat fee covers everything you can expect from the vast majority of bankruptcy cases.

Affordable Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy for Washington State residents.

We can take installments on our fees with a debit card or check. For a Chapter 7, we usually need our fees paid before we file your case. We do not want to be a creditor after you file bankruptcy. If you are facing an emergency, we may be able to negotiate a way to file your case for part of the fees. In a Chapter 13, we charge part of our total fee before you file. The rest of the fee is consolidated with the rest of your debt and paid with your monthly payments to the trustee.

Our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys will answer your questions and help to get the creditors off your back.

Before you agree to anything, we advise you of what kind of bankruptcy you should file. You learn how bankruptcy stops bill collectors as soon as you file. Our Tacoma bankruptcy attorneys can let you know which debts can be ignored and how the bankruptcy will wipe out your debt load forever. You will probably feel a huge sense of relief after meeting with us and you will see an improved cash flow before you even file. After you hire us, we can take calls from your creditors and verify that you have hired us for a bankruptcy. When they find out you have hired us as your Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer, most creditors will stop calling and wait for the bankruptcy to be filed.

We are flexible and inexpensive bankruptcy attorneys in Tacoma, WA with affordable low flat fees.

We are flexible when collecting our fees. We realize that there may be times when you need some breathing space. We also know that it is not in your interest to wait too long and don’t want you to miss too many of your fee installments.

It is fine to have someone else pay your fees for you. If you do get help paying your fee, that does not change the fact that you are our client. We cannot take directions or disclose confidential information to anyone without your permission, even if they are paying for your case.

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With our affordable low flat fees, we make receiving the legal guidance needed available at your fingertips. Simply give us a call, and get on your way to a brighter financial future! Your first consultation is FREE with no risk to you, and is a proactive step you can take to address your questions and get started on the path to financial recovery.

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